Reddi-Care Connections is a geriatric care management company specializing in elder care. We offer comfort and peace of mind to all involved.

Clients come to Reddi-Care Connections for a number of reasons. Some do not live locally and are looking for an advocate for the care of their loved one.  Others may have only a limited amount of time available to deal with the chronic care needs of an elderly parent or other relative and need assistance.  Clients are often overwhelmed by the responsibility of providing proper care for their loved one while at the same time maintaining their own life balance and caring for their own families.

Some clients use Reddi-Care Connections because they are frustrated with trying to navigate the complexities of our health care system, and they lack the expertise to uncover and utilize all of the resources and services that are available to them.  Still others use the services of Reddi-Care Connections to simply help them assess the situation faced by a loved one who needs assistance and help them identify and meet those needs.

Our mission is to:

  • Care for our elders with respect and dignity.
  • Provide exceptional care and maintain their quality of life.
  • Educate the elders and their children with related services.
  • Provide comfort, assurance and peace of mind to all involved.